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Herb Plants
Flower Beauty Products

Our philosophy is to provide products that are safe for your whole family, without compromising your health and well-being.

Everything is made by us, in our home, in small batches using high quality ingredients. We infuse each and every one of our products with love and care because we only provide products that we ourselves would use.


We use plant based ingredients that are certified organic and are non-GMO. Our scents and aromas are crafted using only essential oils and natural fragrances such as hydrosols or plant components - nothing artificial.




There are no parabens, phthalates, sulfates (SLS/SLSA), PEGS, or petroleum byproducts in any of our ingredient lists. We strive to only include ingredients that have benefits for your health and skin.


There are no artificial dyes or colorants in our products. Our coloring is achieved through the use of clays, herbs, spices, and powered botanicals.


We do not test or use any of our products on animals, and neither do our ingredient suppliers. The only exception is for products that are specially formulated in our pets line, such as our Dog Paw Balm.



All of our packaging is eco-friendly - we use paper, glass, and metal. Our shrink wrap is a biodegradable film called Biolefin and is a great alternative to the PVC wrap that most commercial companies use. We don't like to use plastic, but safety is a top concern and water and glass don't mix. Therefore, we use recycled plastic for our shower products, lotions, and lip balms. We also encourage recycling and reusing - you can repurpose many of our packaging forms. 

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