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Skincare products
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This amazing journey began in 2018 when Kristin was first introduced to the world of essential oils. She never knew the many therapeutic uses they had along with their appeasing aromas. She wanted to incorporate them into the everyday lifestyle of her family.

While she was researching this, she came across information about the hidden toxins in our everyday products. Household cleaners, makeup, skin care, soap, name it, there were a variety of toxins all over. It has been estimated that the average person uses over 300 toxins just in daily bath and body care! She didn't want to continue exposing her family to these so she started making products herself. 

Along the way, she realized that she can help others in making safer choices by sharing her knowledge, so she decided to expand and start offering her products to everyone else. She took her experiences and combined them with her love and passion for nature to create Essentially Unique!

In September 2021, Kristin and her husband Weston expanded even further and opened their first store - they wanted their customers to have a permanent location to shop at instead of waiting for the next show to arrive. Their journey continued to change, however, as they tried to find the spot that connected with the company's mission and what they wanted to provide their customers. In 2022, they relocated and joined what they thought was the spot but unfortunately the environment was not what they were told and sadly had to relocate again. Now, they are located at the SVRC Marketplace in Saginaw, Michigan along with a full house of other amazing small businesses. 

During this adventure, Kristin took her passion even further and started to pursue her studies in natural health by enrolling at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in 2021. She graduated with her first level as Natural Health Educator in July 2023 and now offers multiple Natural Health Services at a variety of pop-up locations, as well as virtual consultations. She also hosts classes and other educational opportunities. This led to the merging of both sides of her mission, therefore Essentially Unique became Essentially Unique Apothecary & Wellness, providing others with not only safer self care products, but also the resources towards overall health and wellness!


Currently services are by appointment only - see Services page for more information regarding services and booking.


Meet The Team



    My name is Kristin and I am the mastermind behind Essentially Unique! I have an immense passion for nature and Mother Earth. You can always catch me walking around the yard barefoot, playing in my herbal greenhouse, or mixing up another essential oil blend. I am currently a Registered Nurse, BSN, working on my Aromatherapy certification, as well as an Organic Skincare Formulator through Formula Botanica. I am also in the process of obtaining a Doctorate in Natural Medicine at the Naturopathic Institute in Mount Pleasant! Currently, I am a Certified Natural Health Educator and I offer a variety of Natural Health Services as well as educational classes.



      I'm Weston - Kristin's other half and the manager of our physical store location. I'm the face that you see most often when you stop in to visit. I guess you could also say I'm her guinea pig! I assist in formulating a portion of our products, as well as managing our crystal inventory, and helping to maintain day to day operations. If you have a question about any of our crystals, I'm your go-to guy!

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