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"I purchased some Natural Neosporin and I love it! My nephew has horrid eczema. He had a flare up on his chin, rubbed a very tiny amount on his area and was gone the next day! Great product!! Smells great and all natural. Highly recommend." CS 

"Great quality products and excellent customer service. I love my soaps and room spray from Essentially Unique!" AL

"I ordered the sunshine scrub. First of all, it came beautifully wrapped in the cutest container. The smell alone is amazing! I used it for the first time and left my skin super soft! Easy to use, just follow the directions. I am really happy with this product and recommend it to everyone with dry skin! I also ordered the belly serum for my friend and the smell is amazing - it will be my next purchase. Thank You Krissi!" VM

"I love the egg bombs! Beautiful packaging - I will definitely be ordering again! I really love the balm too!" RS

"Krissi is so sweet. Fast and friendly service and high quality products! I got some hand butter that made my hands feel amazing!! The soap smells heavenly and has a great lather! 5 stars from me!" VH

"Love the lip balms! My lips were chapped and cracked. I used the peppermint lip balm and my lips are not cracking - they look and feel smooth and soft." CR

"The first few days of using the deodorant, it was like my body was pushing chemicals out. About a week later, my armpits felt a lot better, and now after 2 weeks they feel fantastic and I love it! The lavender smells amazing and didn't wear out all day - even after working 10 hours it kept up with me! 10/10" VH

"Very friendly and good prices. Using some of the products already and enjoy them. " In-store Customer

“Smells amazing and crystals are phenomenal!!” AM

“Love the products and the little storefront!” In-store Customer

“Very friendly and explained about the product, also wrapped my purchase with care. I’m glad to see they added crystals to their store.” CT

"Today I purchased the best tea! My new fave." LN

“I recently purchased the Sleepytime Tub Tea for my kids and I love the way it smells! I also love how the calming scents of chamomile help my little ones get ready for bed. The soak not only left my kids ready for bed, their skin was so smooth feeling afterwards! We will definitely be back!” HV

“It was my first time visiting the store and I had an amazing experience. Very nice staff, they went above and beyond. I purchased their deodorant and I’m in love with it – I highly recommend it!” EF

“Received several products as a Christmas gift and we’re in love with the quality. The soap is something that we can both use and never have a problem with break outs or dry skin.” JM

“All the products I have tried are amazing quality, smells great and helps me with my dry skin. They have amazing staff always kind everytime I come in.” CW

“This place is amazing! I recently bought some muscle sooth tub tea and let me tell you it works wonders, my husband and I are both using it!! I will most definitely be back for more!” CK

“I haven't found one product I don't like. Everything has been absolutely amazing!” DM

“Awesome products, great service at a reasonable price. Being local is a plus! I can get everything I'm looking for in one location without paying costly shipping prices!” KG

“Amazing selection of natural products! I bought the Paradise body butter and it is the best I’ve ever used! I also bought the Leather and Smoke soap bar and that, too, is wonderful! This store is awesome and so are its products!” MJ

“I love that they are home made with oils and herbs. The migraine oil I received quite honestly works better than any medicine I've ever taken.” KB

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