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Calm Nerves is an all-natural, herbal blend designed to help alleviate stress and anxiety. This powerful combination of herbs supports the nervous system, promotes healthy bones and muscles, and enhances the circulatory system. With beneficial mineral salts and a slight cooling effect, Calm Nerves is perfect for those seeking a natural solution to calm their nerves. Additionally, this blend can be customized with fresh ginger or cinnamon for those who prefer a warming sensation. Trust in the power of nature and try Calm Nerves today


Our herbal tea blends are loose tea  - you will need to either strain the herbs, use a tea infuser, or use tea bags.

Calm Nerves

  • Organic Fennel | Organic Peppermint | Organic Nettle Leaves | Organic Chamomile | Organic Rose | Organic Skullcap | Organic Raspberry Leaves | Organic Catnip | Organic Licorice Root

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