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Our Cold & Flu Brew is the perfect remedy for those feeling under the weather. Packed with immune-boosting herbs and vitamin C, this blend is designed to help support your body's natural defenses. It also contains calming herbs to help ease any feelings of stress or anxiety that can often accompany illness. Whether you're trying to ward off a cold or flu or simply looking for a comforting cup of tea, our Cold & Flu Brew is the perfect choice. Try it today and feel better in no time


Our herbal tea blends are loose tea  - you will need to either strain the herbs, use a tea infuser, or use tea bags.

Cold & Flu Brew

  • Organic Rose Hips | Organic Elderberries | Organic Hibiscus | Organic Lemon Balm | Organic Catnip | Organic Chamomile | Organic Ginger Root

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