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Our Essential Oil Rollers provide a natural and convenient way to benefit from the healing properties of aromatherapy. Whether you need to soothe headaches, reduce stress, ease muscle tension, or improve sleep, we have a roller for you. Our high-quality rollers are made with 100% pure and natural ingredients, and come in a portable and easy-to-use bottle. Plus, our rollers are filled by hand to ensure the utmost care and attention to detail. Try one today and feel the difference!


Blends with * next to the name are formulated and pre-diluted for children 6 years and older. Also distinguished by yellow label.



Achy Joints

Achy Joints is great for on-the-go relief of those achy muscles and joints. The oils in this blend are known to help to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and provide comfort to achy areas. Just roll onto areas of discomfort such as shoulders, back, knees, etc as needed to help ease the discomfort!

-Results may vary person to person-


*Bug Biter*

This roller is great for getting relief from those pesky mosquito and knat bites. The oils in this blend are known to help decrease that itchy feeling and provide soothing to the affected area. Apply as needed to minor bug bites. ~Seek medical attention for severe bites or allergic reactions from bites~

-Results may vary person to person-



If your little ones are extra bouncier than usual or feeling a bit more hyper, roll this blend on their feet, behind their ears, or across their chest. The oils in this roller are known to help promote a sense of calmness and control.

-Results vary person to person-



Energizer is a blend of essential oils that are known to help boost you up and give you that extra "pep" throughout the day. It is great for those days where you feel rundown and are dragging. It can be applied to your neck, temples, chest, and/or wrists. The wrists are a great area because you can take advantage of the aromatherapy aspect of this blend! Apply as needed.

-Results may vary person to person-



Sometimes we all have a little trouble with concentration, especially our little ones when it comes to homework or complex tasks. This blend is formulated with oils that are known to help instill balance, reduce anxiety, uplift spirits, and release emotional blocks that could be impairing their ability. Apply as needed behind ears, on the sole of the foot, and/or wrists - the wrists help the aromatherapy experience!

-Results vary person to person-


*Happy Days*

When your little one is feeling blue, this roller knows just what to do! The oils in this blend are known for their uplifting qualities when it comes to depression or anxiety, hormonal support, and to create a sense of grounding.

-Results vary person to person- 



Why worry about over the counter pain medications and their side effects, when you can just grab this bottle and roll as much as wanted as often as needed? The oils in this blend are known for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as relaxing your vessels so blood can flow through easier, relieving that annoying pounding going on in your head. Just roll along your temples and/or forehead to start the relief. You can also roll along your neck to aid in the process.

-Results vary person to person-


Panic Scram

Panic Scram comes in handy for those times where you are feeling overwhelmed or extremely anxious. The oils in this blend are known to instill a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace. Apply it to your temples, neck, chest and/or wrists as needed.

-Results vary person to person-


Shark Week

This roller is great for us women! We all get a little extra hormonal during "that time" so we can use all the support we can get. This blend is a combination of oils that are known to help balance the surge in hormones along with relief for cramping. Apply to your abdomen for cramp relief and around your neck and chest for hormone support.

-Results may vary person to person-


Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion blend is great for helping when you are feeling stuffy or need a little breather! Apply it to your temples, neck, and/or around nose (not in!) 1-2 times a day to help with sinus relief. It can also be applied to the bottom of your feet before bedtime for an extra boost.

-Results may vary person to person-


Sweet Dreams

Having trouble falling asleep? This roller can help! The oils in this blend are known to help create a sense of calm and relaxation. Cedarwood has been shown to stimulate the pineal gland, which helps to release your natural melatonin - the hormone that helps with sleep. Just roll this blend on as you're getting ready for bed, and when you're struggling. 

-Results may vary person to person-


*Tantrum Tamer*

We all get overwhelmed with emotions sometimes and need to vent, but it can be alot for our little ones. The blend in this roller is known to help with calming those emotions and create a sense of balance and grounding. It can also help with improving attitudes.

Essential Oil Rollers

  • Sunflower Oil* | Jojoba Oil* | Essential Oils*

    * indicates a certified organic ingredient


    ** formulated for use 6 years old +

    Achy Joints - Relieves achy muscles and joints; Essential Oils of Lavender*, Black Pepper*, Juniper, Lemon*, Marjoram*, Peppermint*

    *Bug Biter* - Relieves itching and discomfort of minor bites; Essential Oils of Copaiba*, Tea Tree*, Lavender*, Frankincense*

    *Dehype Me* - For those extra hyper moments; Essential Oils of Vetiver*, Lavender*, Neroli, Patchouli*, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense*

    The Energizer - When you need that extra boost; Essential Oils of  Lemon*, Bergamot*, Peppermint*, Rosemary*

    *Focus Up* - Helps to improve focus; Essential Oils of Spearmint*, Frankincense*, Orange*

    *Happy Days* - Turns that frown upside down; Essential Oils of Bergamot*, Lavender*, Patchouli*, Vetiver*

    Headache Relief - For quick headache relief; Essential Oils of Lavender*, Peppermint*, Frankincense*, Clove*, Copaiba*, Helichrysum*

    Panic Scram - For times of increased anxiety; Essential Oils of Lavender*, Cedarwood*, Vetiver*, Frankincense*, Geranium*, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli*

    Shark Week - For "that time of the month"; Essential Oils of Copaiba*, Lemongrass*, Peppermint*, Spearmint*, Clove*, Helichrysum*

    Sinus Congestion - Helps to promote sinus relief; Essential Oils of Peppermint*, Eucalyptus*, Clove*, Lemon*, Cinnamon*, Rosemary*

    Sweet Dreams - Helps to induce sleep and relaxation; Essential Oils of Cedarwood*, Lavender*, Ylang Ylang, Orange*

    *Tantrum Tamer* - Helps to calm down intense moments; Essential Oils of Orange*, Black Spruce*, Frankincense*, Neroli

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