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Introducing Kid's Super C - a delicious and healthy tea blend that is perfect for kids and adults alike. Say goodbye to sugary drinks and hello to a blend of delicious herbs and berries that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals for growing children. With every sip, your child will be getting a boost of nutrients that will help them stay healthy and strong. And with its high vitamin C content, it's not just a kids' tea - adults can enjoy it too! Make the switch to Kid's Super C and give your family a healthy drink option that tastes great.


Our herbal tea blends are loose tea  - you will need to either strain the herbs, use a tea infuser, or use tea bags.

Kid's Super C

  • Organic Milk Oats | Organic Rose Hips | Organic Elderberries | Organic Goji Berries | Organic Lemon Peel | Organic Cinnamon | Organic Hibiscus | Organic Burdock Root | Organic Licorice Root

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